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We’re Intercom’s product design team. Our tools help businesses and customers talk with each other. You know, like it’s actually the 21st century.

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We’re a team of ~20 product and content designers in SF, Dublin, and London. Intercom’s a product-driven company, so we work end-to-end to understand customer problems and design workflows, detailed interactions, and visual interfaces. Thanks for visiting! ❤️

From our blog

We value communicating about design and sharing what we've learned. Here’s some of our recent writing.

Design case studies

These product design case studies show our key insights from building Intercom.

From the stage

We encourage designers to speak about their work and support them with time, coaching, and more.

What we believe

These beliefs guide all our work, from designing products to growing our global team.

Our mission

Our mission at Intercom is to make internet business personal. Watch our CEO, Eoghan McCabe, talk about the unique inspiration for our mission.

Our vision

Our vision at Intercom is to bring a Messenger-first, personal experience, to all customer and business communication.

Our principles

Principles help us repeat our successes, avoid failures, and align when we make decisions.

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How we work

How designers work at Intercom is a big part of what makes our team and products different.

We’re making these resources available to you with Creative Commons licensing. This means you can adapt them, re-use them with your teams, and republish them!
Our design processOur design process helps us work in a way that's aligned with our principles.Learn more
How designers have impactOur framework for understanding what impact means for designers, how we measure its value, and how they can create more of it.Learn more
Fundamentals of interaction designThese foundational ideas are deeply important, but sometimes forgotten. They set a baseline for how to critique interaction design.Learn more
Design manager levelsSee our expectations for product and content design managers and directors.Learn more
Product and content designer levelsTake an up-close look at our expectations for all designers at each level of seniority.Learn more

Join our team

With designers among its founders, Intercom has always been a vision-first product company. So as a designer here, you’ll directly influence our strategy, shape our systems, and have meaningful product ownership.

We value kindness, so you'll be able to be yourself, do your best work, and help grow our design culture. You'll learn faster here than anywhere else.